~ The Singing ~ pg 2

Just far enough in to be shielded from the house, she found her answer. In the center of a small clearing stood a beautiful white birch that the air swirled around with force. Some of its limbs were hollow and the rushing air blew beautiful notes of music resonating through them. Even more puzzling was that there were no carving marks from human hands! It seemed the tree grew just that way, with its hollow branches of varying lengths. It was the most wondrous thing she had ever seen!

For a moment Fiora forgot to be worried. For a moment she delighted in this discovery, a laugh bubbling past her lips. Closing her eyes she let herself sway to the melody which picked up in rhythm and volume. The same rushed and halting speech blew across her hand. May I have… May I… have this dance? 

Fiora smiled. Fire dancing was common place, but she had not heard of wind dancing before. Was that why the wind was so unsure if itself tonight? Did it hurry, in its excitement at trying something new? Who was she to deny the wind a new experience? She lifted her hands in the traditional stance and let her feet move her around the clearing, always keeping the sound of the music in the center. Yes, you may, she whispered back. 

The wind became much more tangible. One strong hand clasped hers in a firm grip while a second strong hand encircled her waist to rest in the small of her back. Fiora’s eyes popped open with a gasp as Borris, never faltering, led her in a few dizzying circles around the tree. Fiora couldn’t help but follow his steps and held on tighter so she wouldn’t stumble. “Do you like it?” he asked when he finally slowed to a manageable waltz. “The music? Do you like it?”

 Fiora blinked at him a bit stunned. “You? You are… You’re a wind listener?”

He laughed in the face of her astonishment, the corners of his eyes crinkling with mirth. “Aye, lass. That I am.” He leaned in and dipped his head down. “But not as practiced as you, my lady.” He leaned back again and turned her with the swell of the music. “I’m afraid it has been a long time since I sent any words on the wind. I am surprised you understood me.”

“It was rushed,” she admitted, “but otherwise clear.”

“Good to know, good to know.” He squinted at her a moment and slowed as the melody also slowed, “But you have not answered my question.” He looked up at the tree and a few haunting notes rang out in harmony above all the rest. His repeated question seemed worried. “Do you like the music?”

Fiora stared up at the tree with him. She was honest. “It’s beautiful. I’ve never heard anything like it!” He smiled again, though this time he seemed slightly pained by his thoughts. “How did you ever find such a tree?” she tried distracting him. “It’s amazing it even exists.”

“I did not find it,” he looked back at her in mischief, “I made it.”

The End

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