~ The Eyes ~ pg 9

She looked up at him as her tears broke free to slide down her cheeks. The air about her rustled her hair in comfort. She asked the wind what she should do. It only brought her back one word. Trussst. So she told them. From growing up at the Sanctuary to always knowing Civyl and always loving him. “I was finally home,” she sighed, “finally where I belong, but The Sight stole him away from me. He doesn’t remember me or anything we did together for the last sixty-four seasons. He only knows that he must reach the mountain pass in six more days.”

Chink scoffed from his chair, “Then why did he come for you?” he demanded. “If what you say is true, why wouldn’t he just leave you behind for his quest?”

Fiora shook her head. She had wondered the same thing. Ever since she had suspected he had left and come back, she had wondered why he didn’t just go on without her. “I don’t know,” she admitted, “But as little as I like it, I know I must go with him. I am his promise, whatever form that may take.”

She risked another glance at their faces. It seemed she had won over Demil and Borris as both looked at her with kind eyes. Chink was still suspicious but he at least made no more arguments against her. 

Alex, on the other hand, stared at her coldly. She quailed and looked away, but she could not escape his bitter voice. “Hogwash! I don’t believe it.”  

“Alex! For pity’s sake, leave her be,” Demil chided but Alex ignored him and spoke louder.

“There is no promise in Kavaccet that is worthy of more than fertilizer for the crops!” he seethed as he stood. “You want to know what I think?” He went on though no one said yes. “I think that your parents made the Lady mad, or at least someone with influence. As punishment she took you away from them!” Fiora gasped at such an accusation. She knew Alex had endured much pain from Lady Darya’s decisions, but his venom was especially intense. ”Your promise was bewitched on purpose just to twist the knife. Why, I bet The Wisdom is foreseeing that you won’t survive this little trek, and that’s the way she wants it!” Alex had shouted the last part before shoving his chair over and storming up the stairs.

It left the rest of them in an awkward silence until Borris stood to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Do not let his anger burden you. He has never forgiven The Wisdom for our parents’ deaths and all this talk about promises only reminds him of it. That you cling to the promise and trust in it – even through hardship – it offends his deep seated belief that if one of her choices was corrupt, than they all are.”

Fiora nodded and sighed. She did not speak her own doubts of the promise and the Lady to them. She didn’t want to think about the possibility that her own sacrifice might be in vain. “Perhaps I should make mid-day meal,” she suggested instead. The preparations would take her mind off of deeper thoughts.

The End

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