~ The Eyes ~ pg 7

Alex threw up his hands up in the air at Demil’s irrational mood swings. “Break her heart?? What in four Seasons are you talking about?!”

“By all the Fates, man, she loves you! Why do you keep pushin’ her away?!”

Alex blinked. He was more confused than ever. “Me?” How absurd could he be? ”She can barely tolerate me! How can you think she loves me?”

Demil stared at him, witless. “You cannot be that dull! Has she not been waitin’ on you hand and foot for the past two days? I watched her let you cling to her hand in sleep, just so you could rest a little longer. And puttin’ up with all yer cursed tantrums and blasted pride!”

Alex’s face burned with heat but he forced out a harsh chuckle to cover his embarrassment and shook his head. “She’s only doing what Nivia told her to do. Trying and failing.”

The look on Demil’s face turned from one of anger to that of pity. His voice dropped its edge and just seemed sad. “She named you,” he whispered.

Now it was Alex’s turn to narrow his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“My wives,” he waved his hand in the direction of Brittner, “They asked her who she loved and she named you.”

Alex paused. He was dumbstruck. It couldn’t be true. Could it? No, of course not. He knew who she loved. “Why would she name me? She loves Civyl.”

Demil’s brow creased. “Civyl? Who is that?”

“Her promised,” Alex said in exasperation, but by the look on Demil’s face, he didn’t seem to think her promised was in the picture any more. And it suddenly made sense. Alex shook his head, “Demil, I don’t know what you felt in her heart, but it was not goodness. If she named me, she lied.”

The End

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