~ The Eyes ~ pg 6

Demil was a fire wielder, but he didn’t dance with fire. Not in the normal sense of the word. No, Demil could see a person’s ‘inner fire’, as he put it. It had kept him alive when alone on the streets. Very handy to know which people were being honest folk and which were getting ready to stab you in the back. Alex turned his attention back to Demil, whose face had lost its sneer as he let himself relive what he’d seen. “Her fire, Alex,…” he struggled for words, “I ain’t felt nuthin’ like it before. Her passion burns so hot… even when she’s unconscious. It’s how I found her in the first place… what drew me to her, like a moth to the flame.” Alex was confounded by his friend who seemed to be getting misty eyed in his memories. Demil looked straight at him with a serious expression. “I danced with her soul.”

Alex dropped his cup, spilling his mug full of ale across the table, but he didn’t even notice. He was too preoccupied with the implications. There was only one reason Demil said he danced with the fire of a woman’s soul; when he wanted to propose. As far as Alex knew, Demil had only done it with five other women, four of whom had said yes. The fifth? Already smitten with one Mr. Grant Goldcrest. A twinge of worry stabbed his gut, though he didn’t know exactly why. “So is she…?” he couldn’t finish the sentence but Demil understood him.

He shook his head. “She turned me down.” Relief washed over Alex. He’d thought it almost impossible for a woman to resist his friend, but he was glad they had avoided this additional complication. Demil’s eyes narrowed at him again. “She’s in love with somebody else. Trina saw it. You know she reads truth.”

Alex nodded. Trina’s ability matched Demil’s well, though her element was water. Trina was the one who first approached Demil. Alex could still remember the frank conversation. “You like to marry pretty women,” she had said to Demil matter-of-factly. “And you have three of them at home right now.” They’d all been shocked that she knew but Demil quickly got over it and just as quickly made her his fourth. Trina did not protest.

Thinking back to Fiora, Trina had spoke true again. Of course she was in love. Hadn’t he seen the light of vengeance in her eye towards her love’s murderer? And the same light turned pure a moment later when Civyl had burst in the door, unscathed? He had only seen them together for a tick, but the sight of it was seared into Alex's memory. “I am not surprised,” he smirked, full of sarcasm.

Demil’s fist banged down on the table again. “You filthy cur! How can you sit there with that smug smile on yer face when you know yer breaking that poor lass’s heart?!” 

The End

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