~ The Eyes ~ pg 5

Demil stared at him from across the table with an irritated scowl etched into his face. He’d been like that since he’d come down to breakfast. Alex’s patience finally broke. “What? Why do you keep looking at me like that?” Demil continued frowning in silence, his eyes narrowed to slits. Alex waited for him to say something but the man only brooded.  “For sanity’s sake, man, just spit it out!” he snapped.

“Yer a selfish son-of-a-seaslug,” he finally seethed. “You know that right?” Alex had little idea to what Demil was referring until his next statement. “I had a very nice afternoon with our Miss Fiora, yesterday.” Ah… so their raised voices had not gone unnoticed.

But Alex was not going to apologize for it. He was not a child and he would not be treated like one. Least wise by a girl who was practically still a child herself. Least wise by the girl who kept reminding him of the pain of his past. Though his frustration grew, he was still curious about Demil’s claim. “Oh? And what did you do together.”

“Took her to town,” Demil nodded still with his disapproving glare, “She wanted some different clothes.” He paused dramatically while Alex took a sip of the ale he drank so early just for spite. “Introduced her to the family, I did.”

Alex choked and coughed, the alcohol searing the back of his throat. Demil didn’t trust many with the truth of his family. That he had already trusted the girl with their secret… It was madness! What was the man thinking?! But he didn’t look concerned about the girl, he looked angry at Alex. Best, perhaps, to let it play out. “And how did that go?” he managed when his coughing fit cleared.

“She was quite the lady, if I might say so. Ne’er an unkind word past her lips. Even refused to let Kami take less than a fair price for her wares.”

Kami?! Oh, the Fates he didn’t!! Alex couldn’t hold his own growing ire back. “You took her to the market?” he seethed. “How could you be so careless?! What if she turns us in?”

She’s got a good heart!” Demil pounded his fist on the table, silencing Alex with a challenging glare. While his statement seemed innocent enough, Alex knew the hidden meaning behind it. “I felt it long before I led you to her.” Alex was stunned. It was rare for Demil to talk to him, or anyone, about even having abilities, let alone using them.

The End

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