~ The Eyes ~ pg 4

Fiora shivered in the cold morning air. She didn’t really want to be out here, but she could not stand being inside any longer. It seemed Alex had argued with her at every turn last night. ‘No, he wouldn’t do his stretches.’,  ‘Yes, he would drink his ale.’, ‘No she could not stop him from packing and smoking his favorite pipe no matter how bad it was for his still healing lungs.’ Aaarrrgg! The morning had been no better. He insisted he did not need her help anymore and went out of his way to not do what she asked. Even Chink had given her a sympathetic glance under Alex’s tirades. The man was intolerable this morning! So instead of exhausting herself further, Fiora decided she would wait for Civyl outside… no matter how cold it was.

Her feet, still bare, glided over a well pressed spot in the grass where she paced for Civyl’s return. She could not help but worry that something had gone terribly wrong. Hadn’t they just decided that her dreams had been real? And hadn’t The Wisdom told her that she needed to stay by his side for them to succeed? … But hadn’t she also just learned that The Wisdom was not always so wise? How could she trust what the Lady had told her was true if she didn’t even know how many of her promises were given in vain?

She tried to reason with herself. If they’d had to spend the night somewhere, they would not have been able to start riding back until the sun rose. A half a day’s ride from sunrise would not be until after sun peak, but she had queried the wind and it had not brought back word of their location yet. Back to pacing and back to worrying. Back to wishing he were here so they could both be on their way. Oh Civyl, my Civyl… Please, hurry.

The End

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