~ The Eyes ~ pg 2

“Come, come. Sit up, fire dancer.” Civyl inwardly sighed at Akasha’s instruction, but he did not ignore it. With limber and revitalized muscles, he easily brought himself up and swung his legs over the side of the patient’s table. “Good, good,” Akasha intoned, “now open your eyes for me and let’s have a look.”

Civyl hesitated. He did not know what to expect; he could not remember having two eyes, but he did as he was told. For a moment the early morning light – even shaded by the trees as it was – proved too bright for him, and Civyl blinked rapidly as he struggled to keep them open. When he finally managed Akasha’s clear and smiling face welcomed him. Two of them! “Well,” he asked, “How is it? Can you see?”

Civyl frowned as he closed one eye at a time. The image of the man was crystal clear in both eyes… clearer than he had been able to see before, but it was not in the same place. “I can, but…” he struggled to explain it, “they do not line up.”

“Ah, to be expected. You have lived a long time with only one eye. Your mind is used to relying on only one input. With time your body will readjust.” Akasha leaned in to peer at his eyes with close scrutiny. He whispered words meant only for Civyl’s ears. “Do not tell her, or I fear she will refuse to leave my side.” 

Civyl’s brow creased. What was the man speaking of? Nivia? Tell her what? Akasha stepped back for a moment and nodded to his side. “You should let him rest for an hour before you leave. Let him get used to the double image and if he has headaches, place a patch over the right one for a while.”

Civyl turned his head to also look at Nivia… only it wasn’t Nivia. The woman he saw in double could be no more than twenty seasons of birth. His jaw dropped about to make an exclamation when Akasha’s hand tightened on his arm, almost painfully so. “Let me look,” the woman said with Nivia’s voice. But now that he listened, he noticed that it wasn’t as harsh as it used to be. It was more supple… more youthful. He caught Akasha’s stern glance out of the corner of his eye and snapped his mouth shut. The man had given her back her youth just as it seemed he had done for himself from time to time. Who was Civyl to argue with a sorcerer who could defy time itself? 

The End

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