~ The Eyes ~

It hurt… Everything hurt… but his head especially throbbed. Civyl thought to move it to try to relieve some of the pressure, but only made it worse with stabbing pains shooting from his face down his neck. Why did he hurt so much? Next to him, a woman groaned. He recognized it as the old woman and instinctually tried to look at her. Civyl cursed aloud when the slightest turn of his head brought more pain. 

“Hush,” a commanding voice echoed in his ears. “You are not yet healed.” Akasha. Civyl suddenly remembered the events of the previous hours. The pain… the screams… the utter look of delight on Akasha’s face as he plied his trade. Civyl had thought the man mad when he first approached with his knife, a crazed grin stretched across his face. But Civyl had willingly allowed himself to be securely restrained so he would not thrash about in his foreseen agony. He could do nothing but scream once the knife started carving away at his face. Even now, his wrists and ankles burned where the ropes had dug into his flesh in the struggle. His shudder at the memory was almost overwhelming and he could not help the desperate cry that passed his lips. 

“Hush,” Akasha admonished again with more force, but his voice held sympathy. The pressure of his hand on Civyl’s head burned with power. Nivia groaned again at his side, but this time in relief. Indeed, the pain was abating quickly to be replaced with pulses of energy that radiated throughout his entire body though they concentrated and throbbed stronger at his right eye. Civyl’s senses tingled, every cell alive. His aches melted away, even those he had not realized he’d had. 

Even after the pressure of Akasha’s hand was removed from his head, the lingering effects of his power kept Civyl contented enough to just lie still, afraid it would disappear if he moved. The sounds of bonds being removed came from his left and he listened as Akasha assessed Nivia’s condition. 

“How do you feel?”
“Mmm… Like I did when I was but a student. Young… and in awe.”
A chuckle. “You are young, child.”
“Perhaps in years compared to you, but no more in body.”
Another chuckle, longer and deeper. “How about the eye? Can you see well?”
A pause. “Perfectly, Master. I have not seen this clearly in decades.”
“Good, good. A boon I give you for your willingness to endure such pain for my benefit.”
“Thank you, Master Akasha. It was an honor to be witness to your work.”
Another chuckle and a sigh. “Should we see to my other patient, then?”

Nivia did not respond. Civyl assumed she had nodded as four hands set to work releasing him from the ropes that held him. The tingle of Akasha’s power had faded during their talk, but Civyl still laid still. There was a peace about his body and he did not want to disturb it. 

The End

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