~ The Weed ~ pg 5

Alex allowed himself a chuckle because it was true. The movement did not hurt as much as it had earlier. Barely a day away from a nearly fatal stabbing and he was almost mended. Nivia did good work. “Where is Nivia?” 

A flicker of worry crossed her face as she looked out the window. “They are not back yet.”

“But it’s almost dark!” he said as if she could not see it for herself. 

Her brow creased as she nodded her head but she turned back to him and changed the subject. “Are you hungry?” She was trying not to think about them. Alex recognized the tactic and decided to follow suit.

 “Famished, actually,” he admitted. As if on cue, his stomach rumbled.

She stood with a curt nod. “I’ll go make you some supper, then. And maybe we can do some more walking before the sun has completely disappeared. You slept the whole afternoon away and I want to be sure you are tired enough to sleep tonight. 

Sleep? It would only be welcome if he could sleep without dreaming. Alex did not know how long he could stand the pain of his dreams.

The End

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