~ The Weed ~ pg 2

Memory of that night played out in his head as he fought desperately to change their destiny. Her passion withdrawn, she spoke with reason though tears filled her eyes. “Maybe it is for the best. Now I will not be shamed. The Lady has given me that.” 

Alex had agreed that night so long ago. He had given her up and let her go… but that was before he knew the outcome. Not again. Not today! “No!” he shouted, though his mouth moved as if it was full of cotton. “We will run away together. Come with me!” 

She walked up to him and rested a hand on his arm. “Shh. There is no danger. Be at peace, you are not alone.” Her words did not make sense. She must not understand him. 

“Come with me!” He urged more adamantly. 

“I am with you,” she whispered. 

Suddenly Kavaccet fell away and he was in the woods with her. He had done it! He had convinced her to leave her promise for him. She rubbed his arm and whispered again. “Be at peace. All is well.” 

Almost… all was almost well. He reached for her fingers and caught them in his hand; the sensation of their warmth reassuring him. The fates had given him a second chance! “Stay. Promise me you will stay here with me forever.” When she did not immediately answer, he lowered himself to his knees and begged it of her. “Please, stay!” 

“Okay,” she had smiled at him. “I will stay.” His elation filled the moment. The woman he loved was looking down on him while she carried their child in her womb. They were both healthy and happy in his embrace. As he rested his cheek against her belly he made himself an oath. He would protect them with everything he had and he would never let them go again!

The End

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