~ The Weed ~

Alex was seventeen Seasons of Birth with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He thought he knew what he wanted – thought he knew exactly what he needed to be happy for the rest of his life but that was not his promise. 

Military training?! Why had The Wisdom given him military training when surely she knew how his heart longed to make a Bloom his Flower. Not just any Bloom. The Bloom that had captured his heart the first time she had stolen a kiss from him. After the gifting, he’d told her it wasn’t meant to be; that she would never be his Flower, but she refused to accept it. 

“I don’t care what The Wisdom says,” she had huffed, melting his resolve with her passion. “I love you and will be with no other!”  She broke the law to give herself to him that night - and many nights after, even though she was not his promise. It was incredibly romantic, sneaking around with her, sharing their forbidden love. 

“But what if…” he had stammered in his caution one day, “I don’t want you to end up a… a Weed.” It was the highest form of shame, to be an unwed mother, and often led to estrangement from friends and disownment from family. Lady Darya supporters often boasted how few weeds could be found within the walls of Kavaccet. 

But his lover had scoffed, “And why not?” Her eyes had actually lit with approval at the idea. “If I am with child out of wedlock, it will be all the more reason for the Lady to let us be together. Then she will give me in promise, for sure!” 

She had been right. The same month that her Bloom tell had stopped, she was called to the Sanctuary by the Promise Keepers. The Wisdom had, indeed, given her in promise… but to another man. It was a punishment for their fallacies, Alex was sure of it. 

The same day of the promise, the other man gave his proposal. Whether out of shock, self-preservation, or because it was expected, she had accepted. On the morrow, she would wed another man, kiss his lips, warm his bed… The woman he loved and the child she carried – his child – would be taken from him and given to another as if they had never been his. No matter that he’d never had the right to claim them in the first place, the truth of it was still too painful. 

The End

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