~ The Curse ~ pg 6

“What?!” Civyl threw up his hands. “Nivia, I couldn’t ask you to take such a risk.” 

“You did not ask and it is mine to take.” She looked at him then, the old Nivia shining through. “I am an old woman, Civyl. My time for this world grows short, but I would like to know that it will continue beyond me. If The Sight is on the move, it can only mean one thing. We are all in terrible danger. You may be able to face whatever challenge lies ahead with only one eye, but I am certain you will fail without being one with the fire. We must know who can help!” 

Civyl stared at her, stunned for a bit. “But if that’s true, why won’t he just give us the information?” 

“Because, I am old,” Akasha answered. “Very old, fire dancer, and very hard to kill.” Oddly, the man did not look a day over thirty seasons of birth. “I do not care who wins the upcoming struggle. I will survive either way. I help those I choose to help for the compensation I ask and no less.” 

Civyl decided he really didn’t like this guy, but something Nivia had said pulled at him. He still had The Sight. He still must fulfill his quest. And if he needed his powers to do that, then regaining them became part of his quest. The need to know how to break the curse became much more important than it had been an hour ago. Now he must. At all costs and despite all personal discomfort. 

He looked to Nivia one more time, still willing to fight the urge if she showed any signs of changing her mind, but the old woman nodded at him and he turned to Master Akasha. The fire in the lantern blazed excitedly. “Okay,” he relented. “Let’s do it.”

The End

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