~ The Curse ~ pg 4

Civyl heard Nivia’s quick intake of breath and looked at her downcast face. Her worried posture did not ease Civyl’s mind. Akasha’s voice brought his attention back. “We do nothing,” he announced. It was tempting to let his temper flare again during the pregnant pause, but something about the man’s expectant and even hopeful scrutiny kept him calm. With a frown, he finally went on. “I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding. I cannot remove your curse.” 

“Can’t or won’t?” Civyl asked with a narrowed gaze. 

Akasha sighed and actually looked regretful for a moment. “Even my powers have limitations, fire dancer, thought some would believe it to be otherwise.” He sent a glance towards Nivia, not entirely unkind, before looking back at Civyl. “Even thought I can’t remove the curse, I know who can.” 

Civyl rolled his eye. “That sounds very familiar.” 

“Yes, well, it is your choice whether or not you trust my word, but I am quite certain there is only one person who can remove the spell placed over you.”


The man raised his eyebrow again and tapped his finger on his lips. “I will offer you this information in exchange for something in return.” 

Civyl narrowed his gaze and frowned. “What do you want?” 

Akasha licked his lips in anticipation, a new light of excitement crossing his face. “I get very few opportunities to grow my skills these days. I do so miss the challenges. I would like to attempt to re-grow your eye for you.” 

Civyl's hand rose to feel the scar where his missing eye should be. He didn't remember when he had use of it before, but he did remember the sad look on Fiora's face when she had first pointed it out. Having it back could be... nice. But the man's statement did not sit quite right. “Attempt?” That did not sound very promising. 

“Well, I have never found a willing participant for an eye before, though I have successfully re-grown other things. Fingers, toes, even a whole limb once.” 

“So what’s the catch? There are plenty of people who lose their eyes. Why are they unwilling to let you try to fix it?” 

“Well, for one, the normal populace cannot afford my usual rates but there is an additional deterrent.” He paused as if reluctant to share, and started pacing when he continued. ”The procedure requires a certain level of… stamina, shall we say? A finger or toe can be done without the owner’s participation, thus they can be put to sleep through it, but an eye? In order to make sure that I form it to working condition with clear vision,” he stopped to stare at Civyl directly, “my patient must be awake! I will need to cut out the scar tissue in the way. That and the re-growing; it will be… painful.”

The End

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