~ The Curse ~ pg 3

Civyl squinted his one good eye at the man’s odd word choice.“Why do you call me a wielder when you have seen I cannot wield the flame?” 

“Of course you can!” his tone was condescending. “Just touching the flame without being burned is wielding it.” 

Civyl glanced at Nivia who was nodding, though she did not come close. “The fire has not forbidden you,” she offered again, just as she had the day before.

Akasha held a finger up as he shared his next thought. “And your demonstration was not for nothing, because it allowed me to observe the nature of the magic that plagues you.” This drew Civyl’s attention. He stared at the man expectantly as he seemed to grow pleasant for the first time. “The curse you wear…” he raised his hands palms up in a searching gesture. “How do I put this? It nullifies your ability to wield. By projecting a different aura around you when you attempt to give it a command. In those moments, it is like the fire cannot recognize who you are. Or more accurately, it recognized you as someone who you are not. An enemy even.” 

“A true forbidden…” Nivia braved from her vigil against the wall. 

Akasha’s eyes flashed in her direction, whether it was praise from the revelation or annoyance that she had dared mention it before him, Civyl could not tell. “Yes, yes. The spell changes your visage to that of a true forbidden when you attempt to control the flame.” 

Civyl looked up at the lantern and it blazed at his attention. He couldn’t help it. Despite the situation, an emotion of longing overcame him and he smiled. The fire responded with a happy crackle and a tendril of flame snaked down to caress his cheek and dry the tear that had fallen there. 

Master Akasha cleared his throat, as if Cviyl had forgotten he was there. “And it seems that as its chosen vessel you have sway over the fire even when you are not trying. It wants you to wield it, and it wants to do as you ask. It responds to your emotion as its best guess for what you want.” 

Civyl was intrigued but it mattered little now that he was here. “I am looking forward to being able to give it my wishes,” he said more to the flame than to anyone else. “So how do we get this curse off of me, then?” 

The End

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