~ The Curse ~ pg 2

Civyl sat up slowly and Nivia came forward, ready with a cup of water. The fear in her eyes was clear, though at the moment Civyl wasn’t sure if she was afraid of Master Akasha or himself. When he had sated his thirst, he turned to the smug man. “Do you believe me now?” his voice dripped with disdain.

Akasha actually chuckled. “I had never doubted. Your reek of tainted magic is what drove me from my home in the first place. When I saw you would not leave without being addressed I came back to deal with you. Really, I was just curious to see the spell in action.”

So he had endured the pain for nothing? The man laughed again in the face of his surprise. Civyl’s anger flared with a white-hot intensity and the glass of the lantern shattered to match him. 

Nivia cried out as she stumbled back but Akasha merely raised an eyebrow of annoyance. “Calm yourself, Chosen Fire Sight. Your hand is already on the mend.“ Civyl looked at his aching hand in its bandages for the first time while the fiend continued in a boastful manner. “You are in the presence of a master healer. You will not be able to tell it was ever wounded by morning.” 

That did not make up for the pain of in Civyl’s mind and he was about to growl out his opinion of the ‘master healer’ when the man reminded him of one more thing. “I did not ask for a demonstration. You simply offered.” He was right, of course. Civyl had assumed he wanted proof, and some of the fight drained out of him for it. The now broken lantern dimmed and Akasha sighed. “I suppose the char mark on the ceiling is my own fault for taunting a wielder with no control.” 

The End

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