~The Market~ pg 9

“She came to us with almost nothin’,” Demil was telling Grant’s wife, “and she’d really like some good traveling clothes.” 

The woman’s gaze grew with sympathy. “Of course, of course, though she’ll need more than that. Come on, child,” she urged as she put her arm around Fiora’s shoulders. “Let Kami take care of you today. We’ll make sure you have everything you need.” 

Fiora shook her head. “I don’t know how much I can get today. I don’t have much money.” 

Kami laughed heartily at her admission and Demil spoke up, “Just put everything on my tab.” 

Fiora snapped her head towards him. “No, I couldn’t– ” 

“I insist,” Demil interrupted.

“We all do,” Sherry assured her. “Get what you need and we will discuss costs later.” 

Fiora was insistent, though. She would not take advantage of Demil or let him give her more than the kindness he had already shown her. “No! I won’t take your money!” 

Grant’s incredulous voice sounded next to her, uncomfortable close. “What kind of wife won’t spend her own husband’s money?” 

Fiora knew she was close to ruining the bluff they had just created but she didn’t care. She stared Grant down as a gust of impossible wind rippled his wares. “Vera was worried about having another mouth to feed. I will not be a burden!” 

Again Kami laughed while Grant stepped away, a cautions eye on his swaying product. “An honorable one,” She answered her husband’s question with an elbow’s nudge to his arm. She resumed guiding Fiora towards the ladies trousers. “Come on, then, we will pick out what you want first and see how much you have left after that.” Fiora nodded and thought she saw the woman wink at Demil thought she couldn’t be sure in the dim light. 

The End

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