~The Market~ pg 8

With the thought of his name, the spell was broken and the world came rushing back with its offending sounds and smells. Why had she even considered such things? She loved Civyl! A flicker of disappointment crossed Demil’s face but he grinned at her all the same. With a quick glance behind her, he gave his wives – three of his four wives! – an almost imperceptible shake of his head and they collectively sighed. Though whether it was in relief or they shared in his disappointment, she couldn’t tell. 

Grant seemed oblivious to the entire exchange and was still complaining beside them. “–don’t think it’s very fair the way they seem to fall in love with you before they’ve even met anyone else.” 

Demil finally turned to him and shrugged. ”Who am I to deny a lady’s heart, Grant? Love is the most powerful magic there is.” 

“Well you could just tell them you don’t want another– “ 

“Demil!” The high pitched squeal cut Grant off and had them all turning towards the sound. A rather voluptuous woman jogged up with chest bouncing and arms open wide. Fiora had to let go of Demil’s arm as he used it to catch her in his usual welcoming embrace. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before extracting herself to stand next to Grant. 

He frowned at her until she mimicked with a pout and kissed him full on the lips. “Don’t you get jealous, now. You know I love you.” 

“You better, woman,” he mumbled with a sad but playful tone. 

“I’d have to, to keep putting up with you,” she returned in kind then turned back to the rest of them. “So, Demil, what brings you here today?” 

“Fiora, here needs a few things.” 

“Demil’s fifth,” Grant almost growled and his wife’s eyes grew wide. 

Another wife? Vera can’t be happy about that.” Demil only shrugged not confirming or denying their assumption. 

Another vendor beside them picked up on the conversation. “You got another wife? Demil you lucky son of a Kracken! Hey, Earl,” he hollered across the way. “Did you hear? Demil’s got another wife!” 

Fiora was a little taken aback to hear the lie shouted so loudly in the cave. She was startled when fingers rested on her arm. Trina’s shy gaze met hers as Sherry whispered in her ear. “Don’t worry, dear, the rumors will spread quickly and keep others from getting their own thoughts about you.” 

“After you leave,” Melinda added, “we’ll let them know the truth.” Fiora nodded, grateful for the women’s understanding.

The End

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