~The Dress~ pg 5

Fiora looked to the ground in thought without answering. They had rounded the corner of the house so the two men were not visible as he went on. “When we were kids there was a battle, a fight over power and land… The Wisdom called upon the people of Kavaccet to take up arms. She chose who would go into battle and who would stay behind.” He did not try to hide the mocking contempt that hardened his next statement. ”Lady Darya, in all her wisdom, chose all of our parents to go fight. Both mothers, both fathers, sent to defend The Wisdom in some petty land dispute. All of them sent to their deaths.” 

“Oh," she gasped next to him and her fingers found his arm. "I... I’m so sorry.” He could tell by her eyes that she was. Moisture made them shine as she opened her mouth to add something but thought better of it and returned to staring at the ground. 

“So it was just us kids. Me, Borris, Chink… and Chink’s sister Avery.” 

He heard her suck in a big breath before blowing it out with a groan. “Chink’s sister? That explains some things.” 

Alex just nodded his head. “The light of Chink’s life, all spunk and fire and innocence. He loved her so much. We all did, really. Growing up together… we…” he didn’t know how to explain it so he stopped trying. “Chink was so protective, especially after our parents died and we moved in together. It was quite endearing, really, watching him chase away anyone he considered a bad influence and we teased him to no end.” He allowed himself a smile as he paused. A good memory... he didn’t have many of those. It was one moment he hoped never to forget. 

“We weren’t really surprised when Chink went for his promise and was given military training. He just had that warrior demeanor. I’d already been in military training for a year so we worked together a lot. At that point we were both focused on being able to protect Avery if there was another battle. Borris waited a year before going to The Wisdom for his promise and was gifted with a Bloom… she gifted him with Avery.” 

The End

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