~The Dress~ pg 4

Her brow pinched in thought. “They love each other?” she repeated, sounding shocked that the two could be capable of such an emotion. He watched her worry her lower lip until she really saw them for the first time. No more ‘thug number one and two’. It was affirming to watch her make the mental transition. “Is Chink also your brother?”

Again he laughed, careful not to move his insides around too much. “No, not brothers. You don’t see me doting over Borris do you?” She shook her head waiting expectantly for him to continue. Something about her intense interest made him want her to understand. “No, they are closer than brothers. Best friends since the day they were born. Almost literally. That’s how our families met. Our mother was giving birth to Borris the same day as Chink’s mother was giving birth to him. Both our mothers and those two became fast friends. The three of us grew up together and Chink is like another brother to me, but those two?” Alex pointed a slightly raised finger in their direction. “Their love runs so much deeper than family, especially now.” 

It hit him, then, how he had just given her a rather personal bit of information. Why had he done that? The question bounced around the inside of his mind, unanswered, when she asked a different one.

“What do you mean, why now?” He looked at her wondering how much he should tell this girl who had tried to kill him just a day ago. The way she looked at him, though, all innocence and curiosity as if the previous day had not happened at all… it made him long for the ability to be so free. 

She stared at him with such eager expectation, such a thirst to know, that he found it hard to refuse her. “They’ve been through a lot together,” he finally answered. ”We all have.” He saw the interest intensify in her features and gave in to the urge. He wanted her to understand; needed her to know. “We grew up in Kavaccet, the three of us.” He looked at her knowing he would read surprise on her face and was not disappointed. He chuckled a little at her open mouth. “You didn’t think my disdain for the place came from nothing, did you?” 

The End

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