~The Reflection~ pg 8

Nivia had nodded and clucked her tongue, a satisfied cluck unlike the disapproving ones he had heard from her before. “The fire did not reject you,” she insisted as she tugged him back to sit at the table next to Fiora again. She waited until she had his full attention before going on. “It has chosen you. This curse is from an outside source.”

Civyl sat back in his chair in thought. An outside source? Like the pull of the mountain or the tether that kept him at Fiora’s side? He chewed on his lower lip as a growing realization filled his mind.

“Who could have done this?” Fiora’s worried face looked from Nivia to Civyl and back. 

She looked to the old woman for answers but Civyl had one ready for this question. His face hardened into a scowl as his fingers brushed the still visible bruises on her delicate neck. “The same kind of person who caused me to put these marks on your throat.”

Fiora had recoiled from him with a start. “What?” she blinked in confusion.

For a moment he had hesitated, fearing her response, but she deserved to know the truth. She deserved to know the danger she was in. “They were my hands, Fiora. My hands were wrapped around your throat.” Her own hands had reached to cover the bruises as she shrank away from him. He didn’t want to frighten her but she had to understand. “Anger boiled up in my heart at you and a phrase kept repeating in my head,” he tried to explain.

Fiora had looked down at her empty bowl on the table as her eyebrows turned up. “Kill the girl,” she had whispered. 

He nodded, hoping against hope that when she looked at him again, the fear and mistrust would be gone. “It was real. What you saw when you were ‘asleep’ was real. Someone is trying to kill you through me and if there are people who can do what he can…”

Civyl trailed off and she finally looked back up at him. The fear of him had been replaced in her eyes, to an anger on his behalf. “Then there are people who can curse you to not wield the fire!” With fervor, she had turned back to Nivia with her plea. “Can you remove the curse? Can you help us?”

The End

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