~The Reflection~ pg 5

Fiora hesitated. Fear threatened to make her turn around and take it off, but the memory of the man swinging a sword at Civyl with intent to cleave him in two bolstered her rebellion. She took another step closer and stared him down. “Then you shouldn’t have kidnapped me.”  

His arms swung above his head in exasperation, “For the last time, we didn’ kidnap you! We was savin’ you from that lowlife you been travelling with.”

Fiora’s nostrils flared with an accusation. “He’s not the lowlife here.”

Chink became defensive. “First ‘e stabbed Borris…”

“No,” she cut him off, “first Borris shot two arrows at him!”

He frowned deeper and finished his sentence as if she hadn’t interrupted. “…and then ‘e stabbed Alex!” To her surprise, his chin started to quiver and a tear tumbled down his cheek. “They’re the only family I got besides Demil,” he choked out, “and both of ‘em almost died today.” Pointing a thick condemning finger towards the stairs he straightened up to his full height. “There ain’t nuthin’ you can say that will change that wretch’s condemnation in my eyes!”

Fiora was tired of listening to the big man vent. He didn’t know anything and was too ignorant to see past the scar on his own nose. She shoved the lantern back into his hand and pushed past him to the stairs leaving him to his irrational emotions. On the top of the landing she turned with one final admission. “Civyl didn’t stab Alex, Chink. I did.” She was surprised at the twinge of guilt she felt at the pain and disbelief that crossed his face. Why should she care if Chink thought well of her? Besides, it was the truth. If he was going to condemn Civyl, he might as well condemn her, too. Civyl was only defending himself; she’d had intent to murder.

The End

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