~The Reflection~ pg 4

She left the room in shadow as the sun began to creep behind the trees. They would need to light some lamps soon. A moment later, Chink came out of the room in front of her holding one aloft. He paused in the hallway facing the wall with a sigh. With his chainmail off he now wore just a simple white shirt and brown trousers. His face was drawn in tired worry as he rubbed his bald head and gingerly poked at his swollen eye. He looked a lot smaller… and a little less intimidating. 

He took one look in her direction and started, dropping the lamp on his toe. It rolled towards her on the floor casting eerie shadows on his gaping mouth. “A-Avery?” The shaky name was a bittersweet whisper that seemed incredibly out of place on the big man’s rough tongue. She took a step forward to pick up the lamp for him, shining the light on her face. The glimmer of humanity she had spied in his eyes was extinguished to be replaced with anger. He kept his voice a whisper but his tone was harsh. “What are you doing in that dress?!”

Part of her felt a pang of sudden guilt but it quickly diminished as the dominant part of her reared up in defiance. Sticking out her chin, she answered him, “My dress is ruined. Nivia told me to find something to wear, and I did. You have a problem with that?”

He was shaking with rage, hands balled into fists, and she almost regretted the tone she had decided to use. He was keeping it bottled up, though, only allowing one furious word to pass his lips. “Yes!”

The End

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