~The Reflection~ pg 3

The water in the washtub was blissfully warm. Somewhere in the back of her mind, mixed in with her wails of mourning, Fiora half-recalled the men lugging the buckets of heated water up the stairs at Nivia’s request. Chink had complained and she had said chided him… something about the best way to soothe a broken spirit… or was it warm a frozen soul?

Whatever it was, she was grateful for the woman’s thoughtfulness. Tense muscles relaxed and she was tempted to soak for a whole full-tick, but her grumbling stomach reminded her what waited for her when she finished. Forgoing the use of a towel, Fiora spun the air in the room around her after she stepped out – a cool contrast to the warm water on her skin. 

There hadn’t been much to choose from in Nivia’s wardrobe; most of her clothing seemed to be as old as her. Earthy tones in scratchy textures and much too short for her taste… Fiora was a good foot taller than Nivia and wider at the shoulders and bust, too. She dared to try a few on for size but they just wouldn’t fit. Luckily, tucked under a quilt in a chest, she had found one dress that was almost the perfect size, if a bit billowy. Surely not something Nivia had ever worn though she owned it. Perhaps she’d had a daughter… 

Blue as the sky just before dusk, it reached a bit past her toes and the long white sleeves were made of a sheer material as light as spiders’ webs that danced with the slightest stirring of the wind. Once she had donned it, she dared a glance in the looking glass set against the wall. She gasped at the woman who stared back at her; she was almost unrecognizable. Haunted… that’s how she would describe herself. Haunted by things she could not control. She fingered the lace at the neckline and the embroidery just under the bodice. It was almost too fancy to wear, but there was nothing else. She would just have to be careful… 

The End

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