~The Reflection~ pg 2

He scoffed at the absurd question. “For Fiora, of course. Your little band of thieves stole her from me!”

Nivia shook her head, exasperation in her tone. “Not ’here’ at my house; ’here’ so far from Kavaccet. Why are you travelling in the woods? Very few born in Kavaccet venture out of it unless they must. My little band tells me they heard you arguing with the girl, forcing her to come.” Civyl lifted an indignant finger, ready to defend against the observation, but she waved him off. “I know she is not with you against her will. That is obvious. But she does not wish to be here.” She used her hands to indicate the area in general as she kept talking and Civyl started to feel self-conscious under the interrogation. “She travels in her dress of age with no other clothing, not even shoes, and your pack is just as sparse.” He jerked up his head at her admission to snooping through his things but she ignored him and continued to press him, her voice adamant. “I ask you again, why are you here?”

Civyl tightened his jaw as he met her gaze. He owed this woman no answers to her probing questions and didn’t intend to give her any. It was none of her business… and even he didn’t know why beyond the pull of the mountain. He wasn’t going to try to explain that to her.

Faced with his silence, she slumped back in her chair with frustration and rubbed her wrinkled chin. “Stubborn man,” she mumbled under her breath and let out a long sigh. He thought that would be the end of it but she surprised him with her next blurted statement. “The fire did not forbid you.”


“The fire,” she repeated leaning forward in her chair.  “If it had truly forbidden you, it would not have spared your life, and it would not have responded like it did when you arrived.”

“I don’t understand.”

“It responded to your emotion, jumping out of the hearth like that. It nearly set my house ablaze for your anger… for you.” She paused letting him take it in before continuing. “No element would even twitch for the forbidden unless it was to condemn them in death.”

 Civyl shook his head as he struggled to understand. “But it attacks me when I try to wield it. What else could it be?”

At that Nivia lifted one finger to the air before tapping her chin with it and resting back into her chair again. It appeared she either did not know or was unwilling to tell.

The End

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