~The Mending~ pg 7

After a little bit of explaining who Nivia was and where they were, the old woman got him sitting on a chair next to the fire. A cursory inspection reveled his only real wounds were the scrapes and gashes on his feet and legs. “From running barefoot,” was his explanation. “The fire burned all of my clothing and those ruffians stole my pack.” Nivia handed Fiora some salve and bandages to wrap them in and oversaw the work interrupting only minimally. 

When Fiora was done she settled herself on the floor leaning against his leg. She drew strength from the physical contact and did not want to be apart from him again. Soon the woman turned her head to them with confusion on her face. “Chink said they had killed you. Tell me what happened.” Fiora went through a quick and likely biased version of the events that ended with Alex tripping Civyl into the fire. “But you weren’t hurt?” Nivia asked Civyl. 

Fiora’s brow furrowed also, “You screamed,” she shuddered at the memory. “Why did you scream if the fire did not burn you?”

“Oh, it hurt all right,” he admitted with a cringe, “but it only hurt the burn I already had.”  He lifted his arm to show them. It looked… not exactly healed, but not infected anymore. The angry red around the wound had cooled to a normal pink and healthy scabbing covered the rest. “Hurt bad enough that I passed out, but I guess it was killing all of the bad stuff, because when I woke it looked like this.”

Nivia was nodding her head. “So you are a fire walker, then. But why did you fear the fire in the first place? How did you get the burn on your arm… and on your face?”

Civyl turned his gaze to Fiora who explained. “He was forbidden by the fire, four years ago.” She ducked her head so she wouldn’t have to see the woman’s expression… or let her read the truth in her own. “He killed a man with the flame.”

The woman’s brow was still creased but she was nodding. “And you wished to also be forbidden by your element, child?”

Fiora cringed, not at the use of ‘child’ but at how appropriate it fit this situation. How could she have been so reckless? She was suddenly appalled at how she had planned to use the wind to kill. “I hadn’t even thought of that. Tears of Wisdom! What would I have done without the wind by my side??” 

The End

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