~The Mending~ pg 6

When Nivia finally announced he was stable, she ordered Chink to carry him upstairs. The woman did not complain when Fiora stayed downstairs next to Civyl. His breath had leveled out to somewhat normal – nothing like the death rattle Alex’d had – and she wasn’t afraid for his life anymore. She wondered if the old woman had known he was all right the whole time and let her worry for nothing. 

In mere ticks they were back and Nivia told Chink to carry Civyl up the stairs too. “What?! No way! I ain’t ‘elping ‘im. Just ain’t right, Nivia! Just ain’t right!”

The woman narrowed her eyes at him with a dangerous stare. Even Fiora was scared, though the scowl was not meant for her. “Take him upstairs, Chink!”

But the bald man only shook his head. “No, I won’t do it! I refuse!” and with that he stormed back up the stairs leaving Nivia huffing behind him.

“Stubborn man…” she grumbled under her breath and she turned her attention back to Civyl. “Well, perhaps we won’t need him upstairs.” Nivia took a half tick to look him over before going to her medicines. “He doesn’t seem to be hurt too badly. Perhaps he will let us wake him up, hmm?” 

She rummaged around for some type of plant, which she snapped under Civyl’s nose. He coughed and started from the smell, sitting up on one elbow in confusion.”What is that foul stench?”

 Fiora was ecstatic and threw her arms around his neck again. “Oh Civyl, you’re okay! I was so scared!” He wrapped an arm around her in reply but pulled back suddenly, staring at the bright red wetness his hand came away with. His face drained of color when he glanced at her dress but she was quick to reassure him before he had the chance to ask. “It’s okay, I’m not hurt. It’s from Alex.” She glanced at the old woman who looked quite satisfied in herself before finishing a bit tongue-in-cheek. “Nivia convinced me to help save him from premature death.”

The End

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