~The Mending~ pg 5

He hesitated for a second as indecision crossed his face but thankfully, Nivia made up his mind for him. “Haven’t you done enough harm for one day, Chink? Under no circumstances are you to hurt him, again. Do you understand me?”

“But Alex-“ he started to protest but Nivia cut him off.

“NO circumstances!”

Chink pursed his lips and sheathed his sword with a huff. Fiora didn’t trust him not to try again when no one was looking. 

“Good, good.” Nivia went on as if nothing was actually amiss. “Now that we’re all being civilized to each other, we can maybe focus on the more pressing matters, hmm? Come, child, Alex is bleeding again and I need your steady hands to finish his stitches.” 

“Yes, ma’am,” she whispered as she lifted herself off Civyl’s chest. She didn’t take her eyes off of Chink, though, until he had crossed the room and set up a turned over chair to sit on. Satisfied that he was far enough away that she could reach Civyl before him, Fiora finally returned her attention to the open wound she was sewing closed. Nivia’s hands did not shake at all as she directed her where to place the needle. If she had to venture a guess, the woman didn’t really need her ‘steady hands’ for this task, but she supposed that making her do the mending was another way to really make it sink in; the gravity of what she had done – and the consequences of it. 

Before Fiora had started, the woman poked a hollow grass reed into the wound with more rabbit skin tied to the end. “In case there is air trapped in his belly,” the woman explained. “It will let the air inside out, but not let more air back in.” Fiora was sewing around it now. It looked odd, sticking out of his side like that, but Nivia assured her it was necessary for proper healing of this type of wound. Guilt and remorse battled with anger and justification the whole time she worked. He deserved to die… didn’t he? But if so, why was she so relieved that he wasn’t going to?

The End

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