~The Mending~ pg 4

It was the hardest thing in her life, to focus on the man dying in front of her when Cyvil lay much too still on the floor behind her. The wind whispered the steady rise and fall of his chest to her, though, so she knew he was at least still alive.

Nivia worked quickly; killing a hare she apparently kept for just such a need, and harvested it for parts of its skin and organs. When she was ready, she had Fiora place a patch of skin over the hole in the lung. She had smeared it with a salve that was supposed to help the two pieces bond together. A second patch went over the hole in the sack around the lung in a similar fashion and the woman finally relaxed a little. “That was the most critical part. He should be able to breathe on his own now.” Fiora took that as an instruction to stop forcing air inside him and, as the woman had predicted, Alex kept on breathing. He was still bleeding, though, and her tasks were not yet complete.

The ticks passed slowly and Fiora’s dress was soaked in Alex’s blood when the door burst open again. “Oh, my achin’ ‘ead…” It was one of the attackers; the big man with the chainmail on. He staggered into the room with a split lip and one eye swollen shut. After sweeping the wreckage in the room with his other eye he bristled. “Wrath of the Void, what ‘appened in ‘ere?!” He took in the sight of Fiora’s crimson gown with everything else. “No… Not Alex, too!”  In a half-tick, his eye narrowed at his feet and he drew his sword. ”Nivia, did this ‘ere cur do that to Alex? I swears I’ll tear ‘im limb from limb for real this time!!”

“NO!!” Abandoning her charge, Fiora leapt to Civyl and threw herself over him. “Don’t you touch him!!”

The End

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