~The Mending~ pg 3

The old woman was calm but urgent as she assessed Alex’s condition. His ragged breath was growing weaker by the tick and he was losing a lot of blood. “Grab the whiskey, child, quickly now!” She pointed her towards the kitchen. Too anxious for Civyl’s safety to cringe at being called a child yet again, Fiora literally flew in search of it and came back holding it out to her, but the woman shook her head. “Rub some on your hands and pour it over his wound.” The woman nodded in approval while she did and then motioned for her to sit. 

“I need you to do something for me. It is very important. You have cut a hole in his lung and he cannot breathe on his own. I need you to breathe for him while I work. Can you do that?” Fiora nodded already making the request of the wind. Almost immediately his breaths sounded deeper, but his wound started to bubble. “Plug the wound, now, quickly, quickly; put your finger in the hole.” Fiora’s head snapped up; surely the old woman was joking, but her face was dead serious. “You must keep the air in his lungs, child! Finger in his side!” 

Screwing up her face in revulsion, she forced herself to do as the woman asked. It was sticky and warm and squished as she pushed her finger in far enough to put it over the tear her dagger had made. Thankfully, Alex’s breathing became steadier and Nivia nodded her head, “Good, good, if you stay like this it will keep him from death's door long enough for me to prepare the needed medicines and supplies. Keep him breathing while I work, child, do you understand?” Again, Fiora nodded. There was little else she could do as she concentrated on the movement of the wind in and out of his mouth and keeping the slim contents of her queasy stomach down.

The End

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