~The Mending~ pg 2

“Civyl?! Civyl!!” She shook his shoulder as hard as she dared but she could not rouse him again. Shallow breathing… pale skin… his heartbeat slowed beneath her fingertips. Not again! He couldn’t die again!  Fiora jumped up, frantic with the thought, and ran to the old woman who was still sitting in the doorway rubbing her hip. “Help him! Please, you must help him!”

The woman focused on her face and scowled deeply. “I offered you help once,” she growled. “You brought vengeance into my living room to thank me… and you broke my favorite tea cup. Why should I help him for you?”

 Fiora knew she had no right to demand anything from this woman who had put up with more than she deserved from her today. She dropped to her knees at her side. “Please!! I’ll do anything!” she clutched the woman’s sleeve and squeezed her eyes shut to hold in the tears. “I promise! Anything you want. I just… I can’t…,” unbidden a sob escaped but she bit the rest back. This woman had heard her cry more than enough for one day. “I can’t lose him again!” she finally choked out.

Lifting one eyebrow the woman nodded. “All right. I will help your promised one. But first,” she paused to emphasize that her request took priority, “you must help me with Alex.”

Fiora’s heart fell as she looked at the other man dying on this woman’s floor. A new rush of anger washed over her. He had dumped Civyl into the fire. He had left her promise for dead! Even though Civyl had somehow survived, that villain did not deserve to live. 

The old woman must have read the expression on her face because her tone was full of warning, “Do not misjudge me as kind, child. I was helping you in the first place only because Alex asked me to. He is as dear as a son to me, and if he dies, MY vengeance will not be as kind as yours was.”

There was an icy truth in the woman’s eyes that caused Fiora to shiver. Gulping back her new fear, she nodded her head vigorously. “Anything,” she whispered out as she helped her to her feet. “Just tell me what to do.”

The End

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