~The Mending~

She was here! She was unharmed! Civyl’s muscles trembled from exhaustion and his lungs screamed out in protest at every single breath. He had been running. …for over a half-day! Partly because the tether that held him to her demanded it, and partly because of his worry for her safety. Thank the Wisdom they had been travelling north. The pull of Enundale only made him run faster and the hook in his side was mild from the ground he’d made.

She was here. She was unharmed. Civyl’s heart pounded out a ferocious tempo and tears stung his eye threatening to fall. When she ran to him – threw her arms around him… there could not be a better feeling in this life. Everything in him rejoiced, especially that part of him he could not remember. This was right. This was meant to be. Wisdom help him, he’d never let her go.

…she was here. …she was unharmed. And she was saying something to him but he couldn’t focus on it. He could feel her lips moving against his chest, her breath brushing across his skin, but her words were lost to the wind. He looked down as she turned up her face, brow knitting in concern. She mouthed his name but the sound of it was muffled behind a roaring fire that rang in his ears. The world turned on its side as a pain slammed into his shoulder. He lost sight of her face as darkness clouded his vision but he was not worried. …she was here…she…was…unharmed….

The End

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