~The Life After~ pg 9

She blinked at him in unbelief. “Civyl?” He was breathing hard and stared at her with his one good eye. She ran to him almost knocking him over with the force of her embrace. “Oh Civyl, my Civyl, you’re alive!!” She buried her face in his chest and moisture made his eye shine.

Alex gritted through the pain of another cough as he watched this man - full of relief and uncertainty - cup the back of her head with one hand while his lips brushed the hair on top. “Aye, I’m alive. What about you? Did they hurt you?” 

He lifted her face up so he could inspect it but she shook free so she could rest her cheek on his chest. “No, I’m not hurt. Not anymore.” 

He didn’t seem to believe her as his suspicious eye met Alex’s. “Why were you fighting him then?” 

Shame colored her cheeks as she ducked her head, but to her credit she did not lie. “To avenge you. I couldn’t suffer to let him live.” 

Alex observed the man’s gentle touch and the emotions behind his furrowed brow. He recognized that look and it twisted his gut worse than her knife had… Alex had been wrong.  This man had the same look for her that Alex once had for someone else. This man would protect her with his life and she obviously loved him above any other. This was right. This was meant to be… and Alex had almost separated them. 

With another painful cough, he gave in to the pull of the dark. Maybe it was time to stop pretending to be a hero and time to admit the truth. For the one girl he should have protected, the one girl that had mattered most, Alex had failed. He was no hero. He was nothing but a slave to his guilt.

The End

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