~The Life After~ pg 8

He didn’t know why he said it. He didn’t realize he was saying it until the words were already out of his mouth. A smoldering twig finally waking to flame, he finally understood. Though maybe too late… yes, far too late.“Please! I’m sorry. I should have left when you asked. I didn’t know what he meant to you.” He coughed again, dizzy with the tearing pain. He fell back, sitting down hard. It was difficult to stay focused on her. She was too young. Though she claimed not to be a child she was still too young to be burdened with a promised. Too young to suffer such loss. Too young to be filled with such rage. “Sorry…” his bloodstained lips mouthed the word again though no sound came out.

She hesitated. At least she hesitated. But her uncertainty soon turned to hard determination. “Your apology will not bring him back.” He could barely hear her over the noise of the wind as she tipped the table over pinning him beneath. The shrapnel in the air seemed to come together in a tight spiral that she sent sweeping towards him. 

In the surreal moment, he found himself chuckling. Of all the ways he could have died, this – shred to death by a broken teacup – was not one he would have imagined.

The door burst open and a silhouette stood in its frame.  Chink? Hope rose in him for a second, but no, Chink wasn’t the man in the doorway. Shoulders too narrow… Too tall… Hair. 

A rumble of thunder bellowed in the house, “Leave her alone!”  The fire in the hearth leapt in a roar to answer, brightening the room. A ghost! The specter of the stranger had come from beyond the grave to make sure he also left the land of the living. Odd, though, that he seemed to be wearing only a saddle blanket tied at the hip. His eyes were wild in their warrior’s sweep of the room and they landed on her.

“Fiora!” He yelled her name into the room and everything stopped. The glass dropped out of the sky and the dagger fell from her hand to all clink on the floor. 

The End

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