~The Life After~ pg 7

Alex approached her and cleared his throat. She stopped rocking but did not turn around. Condolences, he decided. He should offer her condolences. “I am sorry for your loss, my dear. I hope you will soon see it was for the better.” 

Hollow. Even he could hear how hollow his attempt was. To his surprise, though, she started to laugh. She whispered something he could not hear and he stepped closer to try to make out her words. “Pardon?”

She rocked back on her heels and turned her head just enough for him to see the profile of her lips as she repeated herself. “I said, you have brought my destruction.” Her words were bitter but at least she was talking instead of crying. 

Alex took a step closer. “My intent was to bring your freedom.” 

“I was not a prisoner!” she snapped. Icy fire flaring in her features for a moment, but the next her voice cracked. “I was his promise… a promise to protect… I have failed him! Oh, Civyl…” Doubling forward, her sobs started to shake her body again.

“Hey, hey,” he closed the gap between them, instinctively resting a hand on her shoulder. No, no, no… not more crying. His psyche couldn’t take it. “You haven’t failed anyone,” he tried to reassure her, “It’s going to be all-“ 

His comfort was cut short as she spun on him. A pain ripped into his side from the dagger she had stabbed him with. “Murderer!” she seethed as she withdrew the knife with a wicked twist. Alex cried out as he fell back, too shocked by her venom to do much else but try to stem the flow of blood. “You will share his fate!” 

She lunged to strike again but Alex managed to roll away. “Nivia! Chink!” he called for assistance as he coughed up blood. “She’s armed!”

The old woman came into the doorway, mouth gaping open and holding a full cup of tea. “What? What’s this? Stop it child! Put the knife down!” 

Alex didn’t think it possible but the statement seemed to make her angrier. The air in the home began to spin around the room wildly. “I am NOT a child!” She screamed as a blast of air lifted a chair to fling at the woman. Nivia cried out as she was knocked backwards, her cup shattering on the floor. 

She moaned, dazed from the blow, and Alex pushed himself backwards towards her. What had he done bringing this wind witch here? A grievous mistake. The girl let the quickening wind lift the shards of broken glass to spin around the room. They slashed at him from the right and the left. He tried to bat them away with his arm but there were too many. “Stop this!” he coughed and cringed as the movement jerked his ripped muscle. “Chink!” he called again, hoping to be heard.

Nivia stirred and tried to sit up catching the girl’s attention. The shards of glass lifted in the air, a threatening display. “No!” he shouted struggling to his knees, “I won’t let you hurt her!” She returned her focus to him deepening her scowl. “Please, just leave us be!

The End

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