~The Life After~ pg 4

“A young maiden freed from the mental bondage of a forsaken promise.”  Alex’s mood turned sour. He couldn’t help it. There was nothing he despised more than the ‘promises’ of The Wisdom and how they ruined other's lives. 

Nivia came closer to inspect her, lifting an eyelid and feeling her pulse. Raising the girl’s chin, Nivia squinted her eyes at the bruises on her neck. She leaned in to see them better and her nostrils flared. “You have drugged her?” Alex’s heart dropped as her eyes widened in shock. 

Alex pulled away, readjusting the girl’s weight in his arms as he sighed. “She didn’t exactly see eye to eye with us.” 

“So you freed her against her will?!” Her accusation dug into his conscious. “Alex, I thought we discussed this. Forcing your point of view on her is no better. If she was happy where she was you should have left her.” 

“She wasn’t happy!” he argued. “She was a prisoner! Demil tracked him for a full day dragging her through the woods while she was unconscious. He only dared to come get us when he stopped to make camp.  He was forcing her to go with him. They were screaming at each other when we got there. I heard it myself!” 

Nivia’s voice dropped to a disappointed whisper. It was almost worse than her yelling. “And now you’ve forced her to come with you.” 

He straightened up trying to seem more confident in his decision than he felt. “It’s for her own good. You see the bruises,” Alex was beginning to feel his anger at the stranger rise again and he growled his own accusation. “He did that to her! She may be too scared to admit it now, but she will be glad to be free of him once she wakes.” 

Nivia sighed in resignation, looking again at the ugly, finger shaped blotches that stood out under the girl’s fair skin. She clucked her tongue and shook her head perhaps still disliking his point of view but her eyes softened, “Poor child. Bring her in then.”

The End

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