~The Death~ pg 12

The wind died instantly as both screams of agony from the fire and screams of despair from the girl rent the morning air. “Civyl! NO!!” she lunged forward as if to help him but strong hands clamped down on her arms. Chink had regained his senses. Good.

Alex scrambled back from the fire and the man writhing in it as the flames blazed higher. 

The girl still fought to get to the screaming man. “Let me GO!” She bit down on Chink’s hand and wrenched her arms free, but only in time to run right into Alex. “Get out of my way!” Instead he wrapped his arms around her like a vice and instructed Chink to bring the horses. She screamed and cried, thrashed and kicked, but he would not let her go. He would not let her watch this death.

Soon enough the sounds of suffering behind him ceased. Only the crackle of the climbing flames competed with her protesting. “It’s too late, my dear. The flames were happy to take your abuser. Be happy he cannot hurt you anymore.” The statement did not sooth her, though. If anything, it made her fight him more. What a state of delusion she must be in to mourn for him so.

He was glad when Chink returned offering up a damp cloth. After a grim nod Chink held it over her mouth and nose. 


It was a nightmare. It had to be. The crackling fire… the smoky haze… the stench of burnt flesh… It was all just another nightmare brought on by her visions of the burning village. Civyl couldn’t be gone… or they would all be lost. The man who held her captive tried to speak soothingly but he was nothing more than a demon in disguise sent to lull her into complacency. Fiora fought him – for Civyl, for the future – but she could not break free. Another smell invaded her senses; sharp as tanning hides but sickly sweet. It choked out the world and brought blessed darkness. It was a nightmare, but it was ending. 

…It had to be.

The End

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