~The Death~ pg 11

Fiora’s gaze narrowed as the wind howled above them. Before Civyl could protest the danger she was putting herself in, she took up an offensive stance and released her fury. The wind that was circling the trees overhead rushed down and knocked Chink full force into a tree. With a crack to his head, he slumped forward and dropped his sword. 

Alex was pushed backwards but managed to keep his feet, bracing against the wind. “My dear,” he tried to address her calmly but his anger at her defiance was beginning to show, “We are trying to help you!”

“I don’t need your help!” she shouted, gusting the wind at him even harder. “Just leave us alone!”

The man only shook his head in refusal.

Fiora brought one hand behind her back to get Civyl’s attention and he reached out to brush her fingers to acknowledge it. She made a few quick gestures that he somehow understood. “Got it,” he whispered, though he doubted she could have actually heard him above the windy din.  
Alex fought his way forward one step at a time, shouting to be heard, “You don’t understand how this man is hurting you!” Fiora held three fingers behind her back. “He is dangerous!” Fiora held two fingers behind her back and took two steps forward.

With only one finger left up she spat into the wind, “So am I!” Civyl was ready when Fiora dropped her hand and used the same move on Alex that she had used on him days earlier. The wind he had been bracing against disappeared while an equally forceful blast shoved him from behind. She lunged to her right holding up a leg to trip him while Civyl jumped to his left. Alex went sprawling face first into the dirt just a foot from the fire. His sword was flung at Civyl’s feet who wasted no time in picking it up. Alex rolled to the side; a genuine flash of fear crossed his face as Civyl lifted the sword for a finishing blow.  

It could have been over then. This misguided group of misfits could have been stripped of their leader and he and Fiora could have pilfered the remaining horses to take them to the pass in half the time… If only Civyl had not looked at her first. She knew what was coming and she was staring straight at it. Whatever ire she held towards this man the sorrow for his death sentence was genuine. That one moment of hesitation was all it took to change the ending of the story. Alex kicked out at Civyl’s knee, knocking him off balance. One more kick and Civyl was falling backwards… right into the hungry flames

The End

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