~The Death~ pg 10

“Borris!” Seeming wilder than before, Demil rushed to his side as he fell. 
“Get him to Nivia, quick!” Alex bellowed. 
“You’re going to pay for that!” Chink seethed as he advanced.

He ran up, swinging wide but Civyl managed to dodge the blade. It was not going to be easy fighting without a weapon. On instinct, he picked up the end of a burning stick and brandished it at Chink, but it flared angrily, making both men cringe back. Civyl threw it at him instead, but the fire was not satisfied. The flames from the simple campfire leapt past natural heights, forcing them all to back away. 

 “What sorcery is this?!” Chink demanded.
“It seems even the fire is against him,” Alex laughed though he kept a wary distance. 

Civyl and Fiora took the moment to skitter to the opposite side and keep the rising blaze between them and their attackers. “What are you waiting for?” he hissed glancing above their heads.

“Two fewer opponents!” she huffed back with a glance in the direction of the wounded archer and the man who was helping him onto a horse. By the time Alex and Chink worked out a plan to come at them from both sides, the horse was galloping away.

Alex noted Civyl’s gaze following the departing men. “You’ve made a grievous mistake, wounding my brother. One that will cost you your life today.”

“Oh, so you weren’t trying to kill me before?” he snorted in retort. “Could have fooled me, what with the arrows flying at my head.”

Fiora shook her head at the cynical banter, “Please, just leave us be.” 

Alex held his hand out to her again as the two men closed in. “You’re not safe with him, my dear. Come away and we will end it quickly.” 

“No! I won’t let you hurt him!” Fiora shouted as she put herself between his body and the men’s blades. Civyl hated feeling defenseless. He was supposed to be the one protecting her! 

Chink laughed at her and advanced, “And just what do you think you can do to stop us?”

The End

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