~The Death~ pg 8

The first man, who the archer had called Chink, pointed his sword menacingly at Civyl. “You was lugging her over your shoulder, wasn’t ya? That’s what you seen, ain’t it Demil?”

Chink turned his gaze on his wiry, wild-haired companion who jumped forward with wide eyes and a high, whiny voice. “That’s what I seen, that’s what I seen! He was carrying her and she was out cold the whole day.”

Fiora caught Civyl’s eye again, asking him to let her try to dissuade them. She raised her hands in a gesture of peace speaking with a calm voice though he noticed the swirl of wind pick up over far over their heads. “I’m afraid there’s been a misunderstanding, gentlemen. No one’s kidnapped anyone here. I am his promise.”

The last swordsman, who had been silent thus far, took a step forward while the others took a collective step back. Civyl understood the gesture as an act of deference. This was the one in charge. He had the rugged good looks that would cause maidens to whisper and the well-built physique any grown man could envy. Civyl instantly disliked him. The man’s low scoff held no amusement. “What’s the difference?” He spat to the side. “Maybe a Kavaccetian wouldn’t know any better, but outside your little province, my dear, maidens are not objects to be given away at some figurehead’s whim.”

Fiora’s face flushed as she retorted with anger. “Lady Darya is the wisest women in all the land!”
“It’s no use, Alex,” chainmail Chink snorted with a laugh. “She’s been brainwashed.”

“She’s still just a babe,” Demil piped up with a crooked grin that highlighted two missing teeth, “Bet you she hasn’t had time to question her elders yet, bet you not!”

Borris added his own condescending thought. “Probably lived her whole life under the shadow of… The Lady.” He sing-songed her title in disdain. 

Fiora huffed at their mocking and Civyl noticed the tree tops were swaying with more than just a passing breeze. The increasing airflow stoked the fire behind them rising the temperature uncomfortably at his back.  They wouldn’t be able to stay here long.

The End

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