~The Death~ pg 7

“Ow. Stop it!” She pulled away. “Let me go!” He yanked her back towards him ready to heft her over his shoulder but the look in her eyes made him pause. “Civyl!” There was different kind of fear in her features and urgency in her voice as her head whipped about. “Look out!” Faster than he could process, she shoved him down just as the wiz of something sounded by his ear. The following thwock of it hitting a nearby tree drew his gaze to the arrow that had nearly pierced him. Her slight weight pressed down on his chest as she cast about wildly. “There are four of them!” she hissed. “Stay down!” He was too startled to argue. Her lips moved in quiet whispers as gusts of air answered to her voice. “They have us surrounded! There’s nowhere to run!”

His mind finally caught up to the moment as his quest diminished behind survival. “Do they all have bows?” 

“No, just one.” Fiora pointed at the four diagonal directions as she specified. “Two swords to the south. Arrow and sword to the north.” She lifted herself up and rolled closer to the fire while he drew his dagger from his boot. He didn’t like his odds with just a dagger but he couldn’t reach his other weapons without leaving her side. They both scrambled up and backed toward the fire – heads constantly turning to see the threats behind them – as four menacing faces came out from behind the trees. 

The twang of another arrow being let loose caused Civyl to duck but Fiora’s hand shot up bringing a blast of wind with it to knock the arrow off course. A stocky swordsman with wide shoulders and tarnished chainmail started snickering. “Can’t shoot a wind witch with arrows, Borris. Everybody knows that.”

 The tall archer in lightweight leathers, presumably Borris, sneered back. “You know I wasn’t aiming for her, Chink, but the purdy little thing is protecting her kidnapper.” Civyl and Fiora exchanged a confused glance as they continued to creep backwards as far as they could stand the heat of the fire.

“Kidnapper?” Civyl’s indignant voice rose above their sneers. “What are you talking about?”

The End

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