~The Death~ pg 6

As she stoked the fire and started cooking, Civyl packed the rest of their things, making sure to return his morning's catch to his belt. The eggs fried quickly and the added protein renewed him. With the last bite he was ready to go and the pull of the mountain was hooked back into his side. “Time to go,” he said as he stood and brushed off his hands.

“I still need to change your bandage, though.” Civyl glanced at the dirty scraps that covered his burn. He did not relish the thought of opening it up. He had been ignoring the increasing pain of its use, which likely meant it was not getting better. This one was going to take more than a few ticks… “It feels fine,” he lied. “And we really don’t have time. You can change it tonight after we make camp again.”  

“But it’s filthy! I already have new bandages ready. It will only take a tick to rewrap.” 

He tried to pull away from her but she was too quick and snagged the bandage loose. It ripped away where it had stuck to his wound and he howled out in pain. When he managed to catch his breath he roared at her. “Why couldn’t you just let it be?!”

She hesitated but only for a moment. With more care she peeled back the rest of the bandage while he bit back his verbalization. “Tears of Wisdom…” the blood drained from her face as a horror weighed her down. “This is bad. It’s already festering!”

“It’s fine,” he growled. “Just wrap it and be done with it.”
“Fine?! Civyl, we have to get you to a healer.”

With both his throbbing arm and the mountain now twisting his insides, he ripped away from her hold and wrapped the dirty bandages back in place. He couldn’t hold back his growing ire. “Don’t you understand?! We Don’t. Have. Time! We have to get to the mountain!”

“You’re going to die on the way if you don’t take care of that!”
“It’s not that bad.”
“Yes it is!”
“We’re going to the mountain!”
“Civyl, this is serious! It’s only been one day and-”

It took four days!” he blurted out watching her face fall in confusion. “You were asleep for four days. It’s not spreading fast. It’s fine. I’ll make it to the pass alive… if we get there at all.”

“Four days?” Her eyes swept the ground for understanding. “But-”

“I have barely a week left. I’m running out of time. We have to go. Now!
Head hung down, her concerned voice was little more than a whisper. “You still need a healer.”

Could she not see reason? Impatient with the wasted ticks he grabbed her roughly by the arm. “You’re coming with me one way or another.”

The End

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