~The Death~ pg 4

Civyl couldn’t sleep so he watched the flames dance instead. There was an ache in his chest that he could not explain; it was both brought on and comforted by the wavering lights. He wished he could remember what it was like to dance with them. His thoughts were disrupted, though, each time Fiora’s dreams would torment her. Only his hand on her shoulder and his voice in her ear seemed to quiet the whimpers and cries that returned each time he went back to his bedroll. The instant he decided to lay down next to her, her fists grabbed a handful of fabric and she buried her nose in his shirt. Her features calmed and her breathing steadied to true rest. With a sigh, he wrapped a protective arm around her and actually managed to fall asleep himself. 

He woke up first, the stab of the mountain’s pull not about to let him waste any daylight. Gently he rolled away from her to get himself ready for the day. One last check of the snares rewarded him with two hares and a grouse. He clipped them to his belt planning to clean them the next time they made camp. He returned to the clearing and started packing his things when Fiora woke with a startled gasp, looking around with wide eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

After a few more wary glances she answered, “Nothing. Just wish I could sleep without dreaming.”

“More nightmares?” he asked with sympathy.

She squinted at him curiously, “Something like that.” 

She pushed her covers back and stretched before he caught himself staring again. Such a distraction… But one he had to put up with. When she wobbled to a stand he was reminded how little she had eaten in the last four days. If she was going to walk with any speed today, she would need to keep up her strength. He dug in his pack for some more fruit and the last of his salt pork bringing it to her. “You should have some breakfast before we head out.”

The End

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