~The Death~ pg 2

Fiora was flying again, this time south – back towards home. Keeping to the brook she followed it so fast the waves from her wake splashed five feet high behind her. In mere ticks she was back in Kavaccet staring up at the Sanctuary that had been her home. She flattened herself against the cool marble imagining it back under her toes. Oh, how she missed this. Without another thought she blew in through a window floating from room to room. Many sisters in waiting were still asleep, tucked into their beds. Fiora brushed each of their cheeks in greeting but did not tarry with them.  Instead she found herself at the door of The Wisdom’s private chambers. In all her years there, she had never gone inside. But this was still a dream, wasn’t it? Letting her curiosity override her hesitation, she slipped in under the door. 

The first chamber was breathtakingly beautiful. The far marble wall was covered with a slow falling waterfall, constantly trickling down. Fiora couldn’t tell where the water at the top came from or where it went to at the bottom. A fantasy of her imagination, surely. In the center of the room stood a circular hearth filled with sparkling gems instead of firewood.  The impossible fire crackled pleasantly in the center, warming the air around it and lifting her towards the ceiling when she neared. Wind chimes hung above the fire and she could not resist making them sound. Oddly enough, there was no opening in the room to allow the morning breeze to play their music. Try as she might, Fiora could not change her vision to include the open window the room lacked.

The sound of footfalls grabbed her attention and she drifted down a hall to follow. To her right, an open door revealed an ornate bedroom touting a four-poster bed draped in waves of blue silk. Further down the hall to the left another door stood ajar and the footfalls echoed from inside. Sliding in, Fiora kept to the wall and crept along the ceiling to observe. Marble steps climbed down into a pool that took up most of the room; it was too deep to see the bottom of it. A crystal chandelier hung over the center of the pool, raining down sparkles of light that filtered in through windows in the ceiling. Lady Darya stood at the top step in the same silk as her bed, which soon fell to the floor as she shrugged it off.

The End

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