~The Death~

She had hoped sleep would be an escape, but Fiora had been wrong. Instead it was a prison forcing her to revisit her visions time and again while exhaustion kept her from waking. Respite would come intermittently from the rumble of a thundercloud that would chase the nightmares away. The cloak of the cloud would descend around her allowing a few moments of true rest. Whenever the cloud left, though, her nightmares would return. It was a blessed relief when the thunder rolled in closer – clouds billowing around her, thick and heavy – and did not depart. The rumbling comfort opened the way for the wind to fill her dreams instead.

Quiet surrounded her as the mist whispered its stories, not of years past like the folktales in her school books, but of the small wonders of today. In her dream, the wind stood before her again, playful… unburdened, as if nothing that had gone on before crossed its mind. The wind was a constant – ever present – seeing all but leaving the past behind it. It did not look back; it held no regrets and only moved forward in whatever direction it chose. 

How freeing… to only be concerned with the now. It danced around her with a childlike innocence one moment and unashamed familiarity the next. Fiora rested in its presence until the sunlight started to burn away the thundercloud and warm her face. A patch of blue sky shown through and the wind tugged her towards it. Veeessssaaalll… It brushed its desire across her skin as she took it in with a full breath.

The End

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