~The Knowledge~ pg 8

“Sleep. We have much ground to make up tomorrow.” The call of the mountain had grown to a stabbing ache since the clouds filled her eyes. He could sense that he was falling behind. He feared he might not make it on time now, but he did not share his fear with her. He would not burden her with details of the three days he had carried her or the fourth when he had not traveled at all. He had needed to take time to gather more provisions anyway and his full pack testified to his good use of the day. 

He shook out his bedroll on the opposite side of the fire while he listened to her straighten her own. He doubted he would be able to sleep well tonight. Just like the previous nights. For the last three nights, he had laid next to her in the dark, fearing she would be too cold without a fire. Sleep had mostly eluded him as he fretted about wasting time or taxing her with forced travel or that she would not wake up at all withering away from starvation, or worse… that she might wake during the night to find herself in his embrace. He was glad he had been spared that awkwardness.

Tonight he would also worry… about failing his quest, about failing her, about her dreams and the possibility of being manipulated into a murderer. He would think about all the things she had talked about wondering if they might be more than imagination, which his growing dread was already deciding that they were. But more than anything else, he was sure, what would keep him up tonight would be the lack of her presence at his side. The other nights it had been her steady breathing under his fingertips that had finally lulled him to peace enough to rest. There was no hope for sleep without it tonight. 

The End

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