~The Knowledge~ pg 4

“That does sound odd.” She smiled that he was trying to make conversation. “What other odd things did you see?”

She laughed at the memory of the most absurd. A vibrant memory if for nothing but the contrast of the endless waters she had wandered over before and after with only a sunrise and a sunset to break up the monotony. “A city – an entire city – surrounded by nothing but water for a day’s march or more in any direction. The air was tangy… it burned a bit. The buildings, they moved up and down with the waves. As if the whole thing were resting on top of the water. It was so ridiculously impossible! Can you imagine? A city that floats?

He allowed himself to laugh with her and the rumble within his chest made her realize how much she missed hearing it. She ventured a quick glance at him only to find him openly staring. For some reason it made her uncomfortable so she went back to staring into the fire. “The images were so real… just as real as anything else the wind has ever told me. Do you think it could be true? That something like that exists?”

“Highly doubtful,” he grunted. “It is hard enough keeping a boat afloat on the water. One house alone would be sure to sink. A whole city? Who would even dare to live there?”

“I suppose you’re right. I really hope that everything I saw was only a dream.” She cringed at herself for saying anything, knowing the nature of the question to follow. 

Civyl did not disappoint, “Oh, and why is that?”

Fiora sighed resigning herself to remember it for him. “Because some of the things I saw were not very nice at all.” She stared into the fire seeing the images again as if she were really there. “A village… it was burning - had been burning for over a day. The sky was black with clouds of cinders and I got lost in it. I felt like I was choking on the smoke of charred flesh.” Her nose burned with the memory of the smell and her hand flew to her face as the vision of the village kept replaying. “It was so awful, Civyl. Everywhere I turned... So many dead!” Her voice cracked with emotion. “...the men, the women…" Her tears started to fall, "...the children…” She had not seen death before. Even her father’s remains had been hidden from her, but the images in her mind now were so vivid… so detailed… so gruesome she began to shake. “They were murdered so brutally…

The End

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