~The Knowledge~ pg 3

Almost done, she placed the largest of the sticks for the flames to feed on. “The dream…” she went back to her answer to cover the awkward tension she had caused, “it was like when the wind speaks images to me. Only it wasn’t about anything close to me. It was across the mountains. I saw things I have never seen before.” He was looking at her again, anger replaced with curiosity, but he turned to appreciate the flames instead of asking more questions.

The crackling warmth was a welcome sensation and Fiora sat as close as she dared while pulling the provisions he had offered closer. She tried one of the berries, tart from being picked out of season but the grumbling in her belly overruled her tongue. Famished… for missing noonday and evening meals she supposed. He let her eat in peace, busying himself with gathering more firewood for the night. 

When the last crumbs had been eaten and the canteen emptied she stared at the fire. It danced the way fires normally dance when they are awake. Nothing like the display of a fire wielder’s ballet, but mesmerizingly beautiful none the less. It lulled her back to a time that was more certain and she almost believed she was there when he broke the silence with a gentle question. “What did you see in your dream?”

“Just what one would expect from a dream. Many different images, strange things… impossible things.” Staring at the fire helped her see some of them again though she knew she’d never remember it all. “Trees made of spiky green thorns instead of leaves, flowers of white cotton destroyed by a single puff of breeze, and animals... wild things that were in none of my learning books. There was a bird unlike any I’d ever seen before. Its head was big and round. The eyes were two shining circles placed together on a flat face while the beak was short and hooked down. Very odd. If it had not been for the wings, I would not know what to call it.” She neglected to tell him that she had found the animal lying dead on a stone table or that the stench of it haunted her even now.

The End

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