~The Knowledge~ pg 2

She picked up the flint and steel he had left next to the pit and went to work striking sparks to end the element’s slumber. “What happened to me?” she ventured hoping he could help fill in the blanks as fuzzy memories came back to her.

He grunted from his perch before forming a coherent answer. “I know nothing of enchantment but what I have experienced since starting this journey.”

“Why do you call it enchantment?” 

“You slept on your feet,” was his blunt reply. When she looked at him expectantly for more, he continued. “The sky was in your eyes and you would not be roused. It was not a natural sleep.” Fiora nodded though it didn’t mean she understood what it meant. “What did it seem like to you?” he asked without looking at her.

The first flames began to stretch their limbs in her tinder nest and she took the moments of coaxing it fully awake to think about how to answer. “It was a dream,” she decided, lifting a hand to rub her neck at half a returning memory. The tenderness beneath her fingertips made her wince. “…a very real dream.” 

She caught him staring at her with a scowl and dropped her hands back to the work of building the tepee higher as she tried to explain it. “The wind – when it speaks to me, it’s like I can see without eyes. Images of things that are happening around me flicker in my mind.” She paused for an illustration letting the wind whisper his posture to her though she wished she hadn’t. With a quiet voice she pointed out what she noticed. “Like the way the corner of your mouth is twitching… because you’re upset with me. I’m sorry, Civyl. The delay mu-“

“Stop it!” he snapped and her startled eyes found his volatile face now lit with the wavering light of the growing fire. With a huff he turned his anger away before adding a firm request. “Do not apologize to me.” Fiora didn’t understand his vicious mood swings or the reasons behind them but she nodded anyway. 

The End

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