~The Knowledge~


Fiora blinked open her eyes to a quickly graying sky. What had happened to her? Where was she? Where was Civyl? She sat up on her elbow with a start pushing her covering to the side. She scanned the area while she queried the breeze. Heavy footfalls sounded behind her and she spun to see him walking towards her from the brook. His brow was creased with a frown but his voice, while gruff, was kind. “You are awake. Good.”

He walked across the small clearing and returned with outstretched hands. “Drink. Eat. You must keep up your strength.” She took the full canteen and the overflowing cloth finding it piled with fresh Junt berries, stripped Crinip greens, and sun baked Hani fish. He had obviously been foraging… and fishing today.

He retreated to the other side of the small clearing before sitting down. “I am sorry…” he started then hesitated as he gave her a worrying look. He cleared his throat and looked away before starting over. “I am sorry it is cold, but I did not wish to tempt fate with the flame again.” He waved a hand at the pile of sticks and kindling between them. “I didn’t know how long you would… sleep, but I prepared the tepee for when you woke.” Fiora nodded at him, glad for his thoughtfulness and attempted to thank him for it, but her first try was nothing but a scratchy croak that he cringed at. “Drink,” he insisted, “please. You are surely parched from your time of fasting.” 

It was true. Now that he mentioned it, she became keenly aware of her thirst. Unstopping the canteen, Fiora put it to her lips and let the cool liquid run down the back of her throat. It was both refreshing and painful at the same time but each swallow eased the ache a bit. “Thank you,” she finally managed putting the half-empty container down. She set the food aside, though, and neared the pile of tinder. “I should wake the fire first, before there is no light left in the sky to work by.” He opened his mouth as if to protest but – looking at the sky – thought better of it and nodded instead. 

The End

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