~The Manifestation~ pg 6

He did not know if she could hear him in her current state, but more for his own benefit he addressed her. “Fiora…” her name rolled comfortably off his tongue, like he’d been saying it his whole life even though he could not remember ever doing it before. “I’m sorry,” he continued not knowing where else to start, “for so many things."

"I do not know what it means for you to be my promise and I would not claim any hold on you, but until I return to being the man I was or death sweep my spirit to dance on the sun… I am your promise.” A gust of wind - that knocked him a step closer - was the only reply he got. If she had not heard him, the wind and he would remember his vow. 

Still the mountain called but he had a plan. If he could not leave her behind, he would just have to take her with. “Come, we must press on while it is still light.” Bracing himself to carry her weight, he bent her over his shoulder. For a few moments he was surprised; she was light as air and did not weigh him down at all. It suddenly made more sense how she could walk with such fluid movements... There was a cushion of air between her and his shoulder.

The End

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